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Building a campaign is more than just making a TikTok. We believe a campaign-minded approach delivers the best results and sets up for long-term success. 


What comes with a Stereogram Campaign? 

Strategy and writing

First, we work with clients to understand their marketing needs.


We'll then work with our writing team to develop scripts and concepts to meet these objectives. 


Next, we get hard at work on content production.


Production techniques vary, but our team will  work with you to create a plan that meets both your budget and branding objectives. 

Campaign Management

With content ready to launch, our team can manage paid advertising, organic channels, and web posting. 

Already have a publishing partner? We'll deliver it to your existing team.


Stereogram actively analyzes our paid campaigns to slot in the highest performing content or highest-value tests.


When we're ready to create new content, we'll learn from past campaigns to iteratively improve with each release. 

(we'll always customize deliverables, but here's an idea of cost)


Starter Shoot


Photography: 3 looks

10 Lifestyle or Product Images


15 UGC Videos

1 Brand Video or Custom Video

Campaign Consultation and Writing


Brand Shoot


Photography: 6 looks

40 Lifestyle or Product Images


30 UGC Videos

5 Testimonials

1 Brand Video Set

Something Custom

Campaign Consultation and Writing

Actor/Location Research and Selection (2 locations)


Custom Package

(Let's Talk)

Integrated Multi-Platform Campaigns

TikTok/Instagram Paid Campaign Setup and Management


Photography and Videography 

Commercial - CTV and OTT

UGC Workshops

Product Demos and How-Tos

Kickstarter and Sales Content

Recruiting and Internal Videography

Interactive Video and New Media. 


Content Subscriptions

For clients who need regular content produced for their brand, such as advertising campaigns, organic accounts, vlog series, or continually refreshed product imagery - Stereogram offers a subscription service at a discount.

Contact us to get started with these perks and more:

  • Discounted per-asset price.

  • Consistent asset creation and delivery.

  • A reliable team available for regular consultation and analysis.

  • A responsive campaign that will pivot with your audience and results.

  • An included mix of organic, advertising, and brand content, always customized for your needs.

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