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Stereogram Films

Stereogram makes Cabins, Films, Music Videos, and Photography. We are always seeking creative and financial partners for our upcoming projects and excited to share some of the work we've done with our creative network. 

Upcoming Projects

Creative Library

We Think We Should Not Be Friends Anymore

Short Film

Dir: Cooper Shepherd

Password: CCCD

What happens when you break up with your friends...

main reel.00_08_28_12.Still019.jpg

Cabin 2021

Music Video Documentary

Dir: Riley Bathauer

A group of 35 creatives goes to an old hotel to make music videos... 

ad reel.01_00_53_18.Still003.jpg

Red Rocks

Music Video 

Dir: Lex Lapp

Artist: Lila Forde

The mountains they whisper to me...

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