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The 10 Short Video Ads Brands Need to Test

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Ready to start climbing on the back of trends to propel your return on ad spend? Here are 10 video styles that every brand should test to improve their performance.

Golden Rule: All of these should feel fun and real.

This is... more of an art than a science, but TikTok has a great motto: "Don't make ads, make TikToks." This means, make the type of content people come to these platforms to see, so they're entertained and engage with your content rather than immediately turn away. Whether it's comedy, suspense, drama - you need to make each second count.

We make it easy by breaking down some samples and providing some templates below. If you would like to test out any of these videos with your brand, it's what we make! Click here to send us a massage and order a starter pack with these 10 concepts for your brand.

1. Selfie

Talk to your audience - get real with them through a dialogue.

2. Explainer

Show the benefits of your product - great for explaining concepts and software to people.

3. Unboxing

Show the benefits of your product - demonstrate it.

4. Talk Show

Build hype and the feeling of a trusted recommendation.

5. Skit

Create fun scenes to show why people need and benefit from your product.

6. Me:Me

Show why people might be hesitant, and why they would use your product.

These ads will all follow

7. Creative Text

Use creative reveals to tell your story via text instead of saying it - it's great to stand out and get the audience to read compelling messages.

8. Product Display

Make visually stunning samples to share the product you're selling that leads into a purchase ecomm funnel.

9. Wall of Text

This surprises a lot of people because these ads look unprofessional and like way too much information is shared... but people really like reading - it might surprise you how far people will get in the copy before clicking.

10. Comic Commercials

Commercials still work, by that, we mean what feels more like something you'd see on TV. But please, don't just cut your video into a vertical format - consider a social-first production that makes vertical visuals and informal fun a part of the ad, and your audience might connect with it a lot more.

Just please, watch your ads and think to yourself - is this actually good right now?

Order a starter pack with these 10 concepts

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