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Video Style Guide: Selfie

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Welcome to our guide to create powerfully converting content! We're going to spill some of our secret sauce, be careful, results may vary.

So you want to make a selfie-style ad?

What are these videos?

You've seen them, you've seen them a lot if you've been on any of the main mobile social apps since 2021. They've taken over the advertising world and it's not hard to see why.

These videos show a person or people recording themselves talking to their (implied) audience member as if they're a friend making a recommendation.

The key to making them work: good actors, feels like a friend made it, and clear call to action.

So, how can your brand use this style?

This kind of video is really great for any marketing purpose, so we'd recommend trying this style out for any of your marketing goals, but the key is framing it from the right point of view.

  1. Consider the message, and who should tell it.

  2. Consider If you need a product featured in the video.

Related Styles

The Explainer Video - great for talking about a software product/showing use case.

The Unboxing Video - great for physical products and showing how it improves your client's lives.

The Testimonial Video - great for collecting feedback from customers that you can repurpose for many videos to come.

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