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Our Services

At Stereogram, we focus on integrated campaigns that tell your story across customer funnels. Our team is excited to tackle anything from individual video projects to multi-channel campaigns.


As a full service creative agency, the Stereogram team can be with you every step of the way, from scripting to production to campaign management. 


We’ll always work with your brand to create a bespoke approach that’s just right, and for those looking to get the most out of their content month after month, we offer ongoing partnership and monthly retainer options.


Let’s see how we can collaborate to make something great.

Our Work

Scroll down to see some examples of our work, check out our reel, or click below to see even more recent work on our Vimeo channel.

S and W

Strategy and Writing

First, we work with clients to understand their marketing needs.


We'll then work with our writing team to develop scripts and concepts to meet these objectives. 

Stereogram can create new scripts, collaborate to modify scripts given to our team, or follow your scripts to the letter. 

Scripting Case Study: Schoolyard Snacks


For keto food brand Schoolyard Snacks, we developed a paid social campaign targeting brand awareness and eComm sales. 

We brainstormed with the client and developed 45 scripts. 

From this set, we narrowed down to the top 25 concepts for their Spring campaign. Showcased here, see some of the video concepts that made the cut.

We delivered these new assets to their team to run, refreshing their ad creative and giving them new work to test.

Crunchy Talkback


Comedic Scene


Content Production

Next, we get hard at work on making your video content.

Video types can vary widely- check out some of our most popular offerings below.


Production techniques vary, but our team will  work with you to create a plan that meets both your budget and branding objectives. 

30 Premium
Commercial and UGC Videos

7-Day Turnaround.

Top Performing UGC and Commercial Video Ads with Actors and Scripts Built for the Latest Trends. 

Optimized for Any Platform.


How It Works

Short Form Ads

Short form ads are usually under 3 minutes and while they mostly live on social media platforms, they're also effective on websites as guides, how-tos, and user testimonials.

These ads perform best when they're made to feel native to their platform and this approach helps you stand out, especially when your competitors just 'resize' their commercials. 


We pair a 'User Generated Content' approach with professional filmmaking techniques to make ads that work, but don't feel like ads.

Original Series - Comedy
Q&A with Expert
Comedian Sketch
Science Education Show
Podcast Entertainment
Product Walkthrough
Demo and Talkback
Halloween Promo

Organic Content

Need to grow a TikTok channel for your brand?

We’ve learned a few things doing what we do; any video can make you viral, but it takes persistence to really gain traction. It's truly a matter of numbers, quality, and most importantly, the right strategy.  


To get our clients the best engagement, we’re never focusing on getting just one viral video. Instead, we’ll create a whole campaign of videos, each designed to have a chance at catching fire. 


We’re committed to our client relationships, and we’ll work with you month after month to create, and then perfect, campaigns that iterate based on what resonates with their audience.


Stereogram produces commercial-quality content for your TV, OTT, and CTV campaigns. 

Need something a little more polished and jaw dropping? Let's come up with an idea that elevates your brand and becomes your secret weapon for sales. 

We'll also consider how this campaign will translate to your website, social, and other customer touchpoints. 

Original Series

Stereogram produces web content for hero videos, vlogs, how-to guides, sales videos, original series, and YouTube content. 

Need something to dazzle clients or inspire awe on your website? We're experts at developing branded content across your marketing funnel. 

Additional Offerings

Integrated Multi-Platform Campaigns

Product and Lifestyle Photography

UGC Workshops and Program Development 

Recruitment and Internal Communications Videos

Product Demos and How-Tos

Kickstarter and Pitch Videos

Interactive Video and New Media

Digital Asset Management and Workflows


Campaign Management 

Our team can manage paid advertising campaigns, organic channels, and web posting. 

Already have a publishing partner? We'll deliver it to your existing team.

Available Sites

Facebook and Instagram Advertising
LinkedIn Advertising
TikTok Advertising
TikTok and Instagram Account Management
Google and YouTube Advertising
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CTV and OTT Advertising
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