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Welcome to Stereogram

We're a production company based out of LA,

a group of indie filmmakers and marketing professionals,

(we've worked with Morgan Stanley, UC Berkeley, Rocket Mortgage, Slack, Adobe).

and we connect brands with customers through video.  

Interested in giving us a try?
Send your product on a field trip and get high-quality assets back. 

Joshua Tree

Spots available, February 17, 2023

We Make Content That Works

We make engaging content, committed to telling a story that resonates with your customer in the voice of your brand. 


We believe the best content comes from great partnerships. From day one, we’ll start by defining the best way to test and produce content to achieve your specific marketing goals. Then, we'll brainstorm with your team and get to production! We're here to work with you each step of the way, including modifying a campaign as we get feedback from your customers. 


Our team boasts experience in a variety of fields and approaches, but we specialize in creating integrated social media and commercial advertising campaigns and building high-growth organic channels.

The Internet Changed

TikTok started it by opening the floodgates to advertisers in 2021, and now all major social media platforms are prioritizing short-form video.


Today’s algorithms reward the videos that captivate their viewers’ attention, and anyone hoping to connect with a new audience has to move past the static images advertising once relied on. 


To keep up in this world where quality content is king, brands need to commit more than ever to an engaging video-forward strategy. That’s where Stereogram comes in.


How Brands Adapt

Do you ever post something on Instagram, get just 5 likes, and promptly delete it? Smart brands are doing this daily.

What's True: 

  • Your customers won't remember what you posted yesterday,

  • Content is cheaper than ever to produce at scale, and

  • You can delete, make changes, and revise strategy mid-campaign.


This is great news for brands today, who can quickly figure out what performs well, and adjust to ensure they are consistently creating the content that works best for their customers. Then, make more of that - rinse/repeat. 

What We Offer

Campaigns come in all shapes and sizes, schedule a free consultation today. 

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Video Campaigns

We work with you and your team to understand your objectives and craft a content strategy.

From there, we produce advertising campaigns, branded content, and organic channels customized just for you.

We're data driven, so we design campaigns to learn and improve as they progress, based on performance.

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Marketing Services

Get your content to perform its best. 

We have multi-level campaign experience and extensive eCommerce success (running over $10 million in Ad spend) for industry-leaders across platforms - with a focus in TikTok and Facebook.

We offer campaign management, brand consultation, paid advertising buying/strategy/management, website and funnel optimization, and email marketing to support your marketing from every angle.

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Production Services

We offer a la carte production services - for those who need help getting the finishing touches. 

-Single-Video Production


-Lifestyle Photography

-Product Photography


-Drone Operation



Let's Make Content Together

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