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Welcome to Stereogram

We're a creative agency based out of LA,

a group of indie filmmakers and marketing professionals,

and we connect brands with customers through video.  

Commercial, Brand, and UGC Video Packages

Top-performing UGC, brand, and commercial videos.

Enhance your organic presence and advertising campaigns.

Produced with love by our LA creative team.

Optimized for Any Platform.

How It Works

We Make Content That Works

We make engaging content, committed to telling a story that resonates with your customer in the voice of your brand. 


We believe the best content comes from great partnerships. From day one, we’ll identify the best way to test and produce content to achieve your specific marketing goals. Then, we'll brainstorm with your team and get to production! We're here to work with you each step of the way, including modifying a campaign as we get feedback from your customers. 

Our team boasts experience in a variety of fields and approaches, but we specialize in creating integrated social media and commercial advertising campaigns and building high-growth organic channels.

We’re Full Service

Stereogram offers a truly start to finish approach, with a team committed to engineering success for your brand from initial scripting strategy to video production to campaign analysis. We do it all so that we can be there for you every step of the way.

Looking for a trusted team to take the wheel? With a monthly retainer fee, Stereogram can become a true partner in your marketing efforts, learning from our campaign success and making improvements as we iterate to ensure you get the most out of every piece of content.

Only need support in one part of the process? We’ve got you covered. With à la carte consulting, production, and campaign management services, Stereogram can jump in wherever you need us most.


We Understand Video

Today, all major social media platforms are prioritizing short-form video, and algorithms reward the videos that captivate their viewers’ attention. Any brand hoping to connect with new audiences today needs an engaging video-forward strategy. That’s where Stereogram comes in.


Video-centric campaigns are here to stay, and that’s great news for brands. Content is cheaper than ever to produce at scale, while still ensuring all talent and crew members are fairly compensated. Plus, social media structures today allow for changes mid-campaign, so we can quickly figure out what performs well, and revise your strategy mid-campaign to ensure we are consistently creating the content that works best for your customers.

With thousands of these videos under our belt, the team at Stereogram is not only experienced but truly passionate about making high-quality video to help connect customers and brands.


What We Do

Strategy and


Our team will always use a tailored, personalized approach. Once we understand your objectives and brand identity, we'll craft a content strategy. 


We'll work with our writing team to develop scripts and concepts to meet your goals. Stereogram can create new scripts, collaborate to modify scripts

given to our team, or follow your scripts to the letter. 

From there, we'll help you figure out the best next steps, bringing our understanding of the trends in addition to our production expertise to help you get the most out of your content.


As a full service agency, Stereogram can guide your ideas from concept to completion. With our full suite of production services, we offer short-form video including

premium UGC-style ad work, branded educational and story video

of any length, commercial work for CTV/OTT, and more.


Need specialty services like motion graphics, drone footage, or voiceover work?

We do that too!


Our team will organize all shoot logistics and oversee all post-production needs to produce a great video every time, regardless of the project scope.


To make sure your content performs the best it can for your brand, our team can

manage paid advertising campaigns, organic channels, and web posting.

Our team knows how to understand the data, and we'll adjust our

strategies as we learn to constantly optimize your campaign.

Already have a publishing partner? We'll deliver it to your existing team.

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Let's make something great together

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