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Field Trips

Send your product on a field trip, get high quality video back. 


A few times a year, the Stereogram team books an amazing location, brings along some of our top talent, and we create some great content somewhere new. In exchange for these fixed locations, actors, and shoot dates - we offer content at a reduced cost.


As part of our arts initiative, we also make some original content while we’re there. After the retreat, our sponsors receive optional social posts to share their support for emerging artists.

Next Shoot:

Joshua Tree February 17-20, 2023 - Details Below - SPOTS AVAILABLE

Joshua Tree

We are seeking a few more brand partners and creatives to embark with us to Joshua Tree in February.

Never been to Joshua Tree? Think artsy desert aliens, modern futuristic chrome, polished desert homes, minimalist nature, and snow capped sandstone. It’s a location that offers a rugged backdrop and stunning elegance all at once.


Contact us to learn more about the talent we’ll have onsite and what we can create for you while we’re there! Just be sure to get any product shipments to Stereogram by February 13th and we’ll make it happen.

Asset Types

Check out the option types below for just some of the content we can create.

You'll work with our production team to find the right costuming, looks, and placements for your products and services, and if you're looking for something custom, we're here to make it work!


Product Photography



Lifestyle Photography

Product and Brand Videography

UGC Videos

How-To and Demos

Aesthetic Desert Home

Something Abstract

Desert Landscapes

Upcoming Field Trips

Mammoth Lakes

Mountain Adventure July 2023

Cast and Crew Coming Soon

main reel.00_01_15_22.Still005.jpg
main reel.00_12_02_21.Still021.jpg

California Coast

Hit the Beach August 2023

Cast and Crew Announced Soon!

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