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Commercial, Brand, and UGC Videos

Top-performing UGC, brand, and commercial videos.

Enhance your organic presence and advertising campaigns.

Produced with love by our LA creative team.

Optimized for Any Platform.

How It Works

What's Included

30 Assets
Monthly Service
Starting at $5K
Starting at $8K / Month
Content Analysis
Weekly Check-Ins
Graphics and Music
Paid Campaign Management
Additional Fee
TikTok / Facebook Included*
Professional Editor
4-5 Monthly
Turnaround Time
7 Days
5 Days
Professional Equipment
5-6 Monthly
Dedicated Producer

Browse Some Samples

  • How do I begin the planning and strategy process for my video bundle?
    Our team will help guide you every step of the way. If you have your own ideas or plans? Awesome, we’ll make it happen. No idea where to start? No worries. We know how to ask the right questions so we can develop the best bundle strategy for your goals. Just sign up for a free creative consultation today and you’ll be posting with confidence in no time.
  • What if I'm not sure what content I need?
    We got you. We start all of our relationships by getting to know your objectives with a free creative consultation. Our packages are a starting point- from there, we'll always create a custom solution for your brand needs and content goals.
  • Can I order a UGC video bundle even if I’m not in Los Angeles?
    Absolutely! Although our offices and studio are in LA, we can partner with brands regardless of location.
  • Why do you recommend so many videos?
    The short answer is; we want our clients to succeed, and our experience tells us, this is the way to do it. Creative variation- i.e., more videos- is absolutely essential to seeing return on video campaigns. Testing a diversity of concepts allows brands to understand more quickly which approaches resonate with their audiences, and refine from there. It's also a lot cheaper to produce content in bulk these days (if you have a game plan in place). By ordering 50 pieces at a time, we can charge you a lot less than we would if we were making each piece individually, which gives you a lot more freedom to create and test the material you need.
  • What if I don’t have an actor or location for my ad?
    No worries! As an all-inclusive service, Stereogram takes care of all that. All you have to do is provide your brand details and goals, and we’ll take care of all the logistics, including sourcing talent and shooting locations.
  • How do you produce videos so quickly- will I end up with videos using stock footage and formulaic templates?
    Never. All our videos are custom-made for each client, and totally unique. We are able to achieve such quick turnaround times because we are lucky enough to make this content full-time, and that means we have it down to a science.
  • What does it mean that your videos are professionally produced?
    Our team is composed of industry professionals right here in Los Angeles. We have access to top talent, great locations (including our own studio), and top of the line gear. All these elements combined result in a polished video, with an attention to detail that our clients don’t receive anywhere else.
  • Will all my videos really be ready in a week?
    Short answer; yes, so long as the project scope is within the usual bundle parameters and you book during an open slot. For simpler, rush projects, we can sometimes achieve turnaround in as little as two days! For more complex projects or bookings during very busy periods, lead times can be closer to two weeks for project completion and delivery. We will always work with our clients to make sure we meet their scheduling needs, so book a free creative consultation today and we'll connect to discuss the possibilities!
  • Will I be included in the creative process?
    Sure thing- we’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way to make sure we’re aligned with your brand.
  • Can I make changes to my videos after they have been created?
    Yes, we will work with you on a round of revisions if needed to ensure you are not just satisfied but thrilled with your videos.
  • Will I own the rights to the videos in this bundle?
    Yes, they’ll be all yours! Stereogram will reserve the right to use the videos in reels or feature them on our website, but the rights will transfer directly to you.
  • Do you offer services like editing or shooting separately?
    Yes! We typically work with clients for the entire production process, but we do offer a la carte engagements. Our in-house specialties are editing, coloring, audio engineering, cinematography, and drone operation. For teams with editors on staff but no in-house production capabilities, we are also happy to deliver raw footage.
  • Where can I post these videos?
    Just about anywhere! Our videos tend to perform very well on TikTok and Instagram, but we can help you with videos for YouTube Shorts, Facebook, or just about any other platform. You can also use videos like these for both organic accounts and paid ad campaigns, depending on your goals.
  • What if I need help posting the content?
    We offer campaign management services to help organize and run your advertising or organic campaign. We start at $5,000/month/platform to ensure proper care is taken to maximize your chance of success, including daily posts, optimizations, and reporting. We will reduce the price of each additional account added, as the responsibilities will generally overlap. For all projects, we will create guides for your organization to use the content we make.
  • I’m not sure how to turn these videos into a successful ad campaign, can you help me with campaign management?
    We would be delighted to. Our monthly retainer option features the ability to have Stereogram run a TikTok or Meta account with up to $50,000 in ad spend. Just schedule a free creative consultation today and our experienced team members can make personalized recommendations.
  • How much do you recommend we spend on advertising campaigns?
    Once your videos are produced, you want to put them to work for you! But we understand- you also don't want to break the bank. There are many factors to consider, and the best way to get a personalized answer with a realistic number attached is to schedule a free creative consultation and ask us for an ad spend recommendation. That being said, while the upper limit is extremely variable, on the low end any single piece of creative will need a spend of at least $100 before you see meaningful data.
  • Can I see some additional examples of your work before purchasing a UGC ad package?
    Absolutely, we’re always happy to share our work. Schedule a free creative consultation today and just let us know that you’d like to see some additional work samples. You can also browse our larger body of work on our Vimeo page.
Stereogram's monthly UGC video retainer service has revolutionized, providing unmatched quality and consistency in content creation. By integrating their captivating videos into our onboarding process, we have seen increased customer success and improved the overall value of our product. Stereogram's dedicated team understands our goals and contributes significantly to our mission of transparency and accessibility in the finance industry.



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